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A SPONSOR, A GODSON: Autotrade Affiliate

Each registration is made from a sponsorship link!

And believe me, it’s no worse!

It’s not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no experience in trading and cryptocurrencies. That’s why I allow myself to accompany you, to help you set up your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, to answer all your questions and to act as technical support.

Would you like to sponsor and get your affiliate link at Autotrade Gold 5.0?

Sponsorship is not mandatory. Your income will increase even if you don’t sponsor anyone. No pressure, sponsorship is just one more, there are no restrictions on that.


From Monday 15 November the Autotrade Gold affiliate plan is evolving!

From now on there will be no minimum conditions to meet to be able to sponsor. That is to say that people with TRADER status will also have an affiliation link. The difference is that a trader will not receive a rebate (commissions) on his own capital.

The conditions to be able to pass the Career Ranks are as follows:


  • Personal balance: USD 3,000
  • Direct customers: 20 generation 1
  • Generation 1 deposit volume: $30,000


  • Personal balance: USD 7,500
  • Direct customers: 35 out of generation 1
  • Generation 1 deposit volume: $75,000


  • Personal balance: USD 15,000
  • Direct customers: 50 out of generation 1
  • Generation 1 deposit volume: $150,000


  • Personal balance: USD 250,000
  • Direct customers: 100 out of generation 1
  • Generation 1 deposit volume: $500,000
  • Overall team volume: $5,000,000
  • Total accounts ( team ) : 2500 members
Discounts update November autotrade gold

The technical team will review and validate requests for tier changes.

For members who have currently reached the IB position, SUB IB and Sub IB Partners will benefit from waivers until 1 January 2022 if the MT4 gold account balance is not sufficient.

Please complete the balance criteria immediately, otherwise you will be downgraded based on the balance level.

Example rebates updated November autotrade gold

Second version of the rebate table a little more explanatory than the Indonesian version to explain the new affiliation.

Discounts update November autotrade gold 2

You want to get into the adventure of trading robots: First, register on this robot PANTHERATRADE

Then follow the Autotrade Gold tutorial or Autotrade Crypto tutorial.

Then let the robot generate gains for you and track the results Gold or the results Crypto.

If necessary, the contact form is available to answer all your questions. Whether in terms of the operation of the robot, the possible gains or the financial strategy to adopt… Do not hesitate, I will respond as soon as possible to your message.

⚠️ GREENING: Forex trading is highly speculative and extremely risky. Even though profits can be considerable, you should always understand that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.