Binance tutorial

REGISTER ON BINANCE (Binance Tutorial)

To get started with the Binance tutorial, first of all:

How do I register and open my account on Binance ?

Start registering by following the different steps.

Then go to your mailbox to validate the email that Binance sent you.

Click on the link it contains to validate your email address, which will allow you to activate your account.

Once back on Binance, click on the“Connect”link.

Then, I recommend you go to the URL:

This page will help you start securing your account.

Binance registration 10%


How do you secure your account and wallet on Binance (1/3)?

We will now secure your account to avoid hacking. To do this, go to this URL:

Several levels of security are recommended such as Google authentication coupled with email authentication. As soon as you exceed several hundred euros in crypto, I recommend the acquisition of a ledger extra such as YubiKey.

Google Authentication

This is a free mobile application that allows you to generate an activation code every 30 seconds. I highly recommend it.

Email authentication

This is an email sent by Binance consisting of a 6-digit code. For each transaction, you will need to enter this code. On the other hand, I do not recommend Google authentication coupled with SMS, prefer email instead.

Safety Binance

How do you secure your account with Binance’s KYC (2/3)?

In order to take full advantage of Binance services and lift restrictions, you will need to validate your KYC (Know Your Customer). You will be able to accept and withdraw larger amounts, order your CB Visa Binance, access Launchpad and Future trading.

To do this, click on identity verification. This is a two-step process. You will provide the necessary fields and then you will transmit one of the requested attachments (two-sided/back ID, or passport, or driver’s license.)

Be careful,they look at the expiration date, the quality of the photo, and all the numbers if they are identifiable. If there is a refusal, they do not necessarily tell you why, but I have just quoted them.

Binance KYC

Secure your account with facial recognition (3/3).

This is the last step. From your webcam to the computer or phone, you will have to follow the directions. Take off hats, glasses, etc. Your face should be positioned face to face in the circle provided for this purpose. They may ask you to blink, rotate with your head, look right and left…

You will receive a response if the step has been successful or not. In which case, it will have to be redone until it is validated.

Facial recognition binance


How do I buy cryptos on Binance with my credit card?

If you want to invest and therefore buy cryptocurrencies on Binance from a bank card (visa, mastercard), click on the Buy cryptostab, then Credit card / debit.

Indicate the amount in euros of the desired transaction

Indicate the cryptocurrency you want to acquire. By default, I advise you to buy USDT. From the USDT, you can buy any other type of cryptocurrency. Binance will offer you a default list including bitcoin (BTC). So if you want to buy Bitcoin, select Bitcoin, of course.

Select your Credit Card or New Card, and then select Buy.

Binance purchase crypto CB

How do I buy cryptos on Binance through Bank Transfer?

If you want to acquire cryptocurrencies on Binance from a bank transfer (sepa), click the Buy Cryptostab, then Bank Deposit.

Make sure you are on a SEPA transfer

Specify the amount you want to deposit on Binance, and then click Continue.

Binance Depot Banking

Binance will then tell you his bank details.

Since Binance is no longer located within the European Union, following Brexit, I strongly advise you to go to your bank so that it can make the deposit AND ESPECIALLY that they register Binance as a New Beneficiary for your next transactions AND ALSO that they do not forget to mention your Reference Code before making the payment.

Beneficiary Name: Binance


Code Reference: XXXXX


Bank name: Clear Junction Limited

Bank address: 15 Kingsway, London WC2B 6UN, UK

Binance bank transfer


What is my address crypto USDT, BTC, ETH … on Binance ?

If you want to know your deposit addresses of your different cryptocurrencies, follow these instructions!

Go to > Wallet Spot Wallet

In the Search for an assetfield, specify for example USDT.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a table showing this asset.

Look to the right, in the Action column. You’ll find links. Click Deposit.

Under the QR Code, you’ll find a string of characters. This is your cryptocurrency address in the currency you are looking for.

Binance address crypto


How do I make a euro withdrawal to your bank account?

In order to make a withdrawal from his Binance account to his traditional bank account such as The Agricultural Credit, the Savings Bank, Credit Mutuel, BNP Paribas or the general company, etc. You must indicate your IBAN but above all you must have a few EUROS. You will have to turn your cryptocurrencies into euros.

Go to > Wallet Spot > EUR (withdrawal) or go to this address:

Select Bank Transfer (SEPA)

Indicate the amount in euros to be transferred

Enter your IBAN account


Binance withdrawal