Bullish Tutorial

STEP 1 (Bullish Tutorial) on META CAPITAL

To get started with the Bullish tutorial, first of all :

Register on the Meta Capital website

Fill in all the required fields.

  • Username
  • Name
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Country

Check the sponsor name is Mickael (otherwise click on the button above) in order to follow your registration to help you and guide you if you need support.

And open your account by validating on REGISTRATION

Bullish Tutorial Step 1a

You will receive an email to validate your address.

Click on the link received in the email and log in to your Meta Capital account.

Bullish Tutorial Step 1b

STEP 2 (Bullish Tutorial) on META CAPITAL

Open an account on the broker OX Securities.

Log in to your Meta capital account.

Bullish tutorial step 2a

Click on the OX Securities registration link from your MetaCapital dashboard.

Bullish tutorial step 2b

You will be redirected to the OX Securities registration page to open an account.

STEP 4 (Bullish Tutorial) on OX SECURITIES

Open an account on the broker OX Securities (continued).

Fill in all your personal information:

Important :

  • Account Type : Standard Account | USD
  • Leverage : 1:500

Then validate by clicking on Register.

Bullish tutorial step 3a

A confirmation message of the creation of your account will appear.

Bullish tutorial step 3b

Once the form is completed and validated, you will have to confirm your account by clicking on the link received by email.

Bullish tutorial step 3c

Log in to the broker OX Securities with your credentials.

Bullish tutorial step 3d

STEP 4 (Bullish Tutorial) on OX SECURITIES

Validate your identity (KYC) at OX Securities.

To verify your identity, in the My Accounts, click the Personal information.

Bullish Tutorial Step 4a

Upload your passport or identity card (both sides).

Download a proof of address less than 3 months old.

Validate by clicking on Save changes.

Bullish Tutorial Step 4c

The validation of your account takes an average of 24 working hours.
You must wait until you are validated before depositing your funds.

You will receive an email confirming that your account has been approved containing your MT4 ID to keep preciously.


Bullish tutorial step 4z

STEP 5 (Bullish Tutorial) on OX SECURITIES

Deposit your capital into your OX Securities account.

To deposit your private equity, go to your OX Securities account:

Then click MAKE A DEPOSIT.

Bullish tutorial step 5a

You have the choice to deposit by bank transfer, PayPal or cryptocurrencies.

In this tutorial, we will see how to deposit in cryptocurrencies.

Click Crypto Deposit.

Bullish Tutorial Step 5b

You will have to fill in your information and select your account.
Enter the amount of your deposit and click Pay.
(As a reminder: the minimum amount to invest in a robot is 200 USD)

Bullish Tutorial Step 5c

Follow the procedure by validating PROCESS ORDER.

Bullish tutorial step 5d

You will arrive on this page. Select the cryptocurrency of your choice and click GO TO PAYMENT.

Here in the example we will select Tether (USDT).

Bullish tutorial step 5e(2)

We will have the choice between ERC20 or TRC20. If you’re on Binance, select TRC20 for less of a fee.

Then click GO ON.

Bullish Tutorial Step 5f(2)

✅ If you do not have a cryptocurrency account, I advise you, right now, to create one on Binance (10% less fees with this link). You’ll need it in the next steps.

Your invoice will appear with therecipient’s address (circled in green), the amount without Binance fees (circled in red) and the payment deadline (circled in blue).

In our example 201.26 USDT.

ATTENTION: Knowing that for sending USDT TRC20 on Binance, the fee is $1, we will have to send 202.26 USDT.

Do not close this page and open a new tab on Binance.

Bullish tutorial step 5g

STEP 6 (Bullish Tutorial) on your BINANCE

Transfer money from Binance to OX Securities

Be careful, always remember to cover transaction fees. They are different depending on each currency or network:

  • USDT (TRC20) is $1 transaction fee.
  • USDT (ERC20) is more than $20 in transaction fees.

We continue with the example of the USDT. TRC20 : On Binance, make the exact payment +$1 to the requested address surrounded in green by the invoice step 5 (make copy/paste to avoid errors).

Go to your spot wallet and on the USDT line, click on withdrawal or https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/account/main/withdrawal/crypto/USDT

Enter the USDT address. TRC20 of the recipient.

The transfer must be made using the TRX network (TRC20).

Specify the USDT amount, then add $1 at final price. The final amount circled in red must correspond to the amount circled in red step 5.

Bullish Tutorial Step 6

A page will appear with a summary of your withdrawal.

And verification codes will be requested.

Then click Send.

Bullish tutorial step 6b
Bullish tutorial step 6b

Wait a few minutes. You will receive a confirmation email from Binance and OX Securities to let you know that the transfer has been made correctly.

The invoice step 5 will be in full condition. Then click GO ON.

Bullish Tutorial Step 6c

STEP 7 (Bullish Tutorial) on OX SECURITIES

Invest in the different robots of the Master account.

Your deposit is now on the broker. It is now necessary to take a last step to be able to invest in the different strategies/robots.

Go to this link: https://pamm.oxsecurities.com/

  • You will have to enter your MT4 account and your password which can be found on the validation email of your OX Securities account.
  • Select Investor
  • In Master MT4 Login enter this identifier : 7003555
Bullish tutorial step 7a

Then go to the Managed Account on the tab Leaderboard.

Bullish Tutorial Step 7c

You arrive on this page. Here you see all the strategies namely Bullish X and Bullish Oil.
Strategies ending in “VIP” are dedicated to investors with a capital of more than $10k.

Select your robot, then click Subscribe below (it is possible for you to invest on several robots, it will be enough to reproduce the operation).

Bullish tutorial step 7d

You arrive on the characteristics of the selected robot.

Just click on Subscribe at the top right of the page.

Bullish tutorial step 7th

Last step to allow you to invest in the robot.
Your account will change from USD (dollar) to USC (Cent) currency. 1 USD = 100 USC.
As stated, the minimum deposit is therefore 20000 USC (200 USD).
in Fund Source select your account.
in Allocate balance enter the amount of your investment (20,000 USC minimum).
Validate the box I agree with OX Securities then click Subscribe.

Bullish Tutorial Step 7g

Your investment is not yet fully validated.

You can repeat the operation to invest in another robot.

Bullish tutorial step 7h

STEP 8 (Bullish Tutorial) on META CAPITAL

Last step very fast but so that the investment is well activated and linked to your Metacapital account.

This step is not yet functional on the MetaCapital site. The robots will still rotate. You will be kept informed when it is possible to enter their account number.