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Free Mainet Contest

Free Mainet Contest : Reward ?

Concours Gratuit Dubai Mainet EN

This free Mainet contest offers a luxury trip to Dubai for all qualifiers. 😁🤑

What for ?

The competition is being held for the public event held in Dubai at the end of November.

To celebrate this event, a contest is set up. 😍

When and how ?

The competition will run from 25 September 2022 to 25 November 2022.

The contest will consist of prospecting to increase your Mainet network and reach 3 conditions:

  • $5000 direct sponsorship (level 1 referrals)
  • $25,000 in sales volume with your weak teams
  • Reaching the Diamond level

For people already Diamond and above, it will be necessary to reach the next level.

Advice and information ?

If you need advice or information for the contest, use the contact form.

Feel free to organize Mainet presentation zooms with your guests (We are available to help you) or use all the available materials on the site to guide them.

For reminder:

Free Mainet Contest : What’s Next ?

Other competitions will be created to reward our network. The prizes will evolve according to the success of these competitions.

Zero risk does not exist and when investing in a business, you must first be convinced by the project and the team in place. In our opinion, the Mainet project has all the indicators in the greens. Time will tell, but our confidence is good.

Results of the 1st competition (16 to 30 September 2022)

1st, Olive29 who received $100 on Mainet.

2nd, MaliaJ who received $50 on Mainet.

Congratulations to them.