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Affiliation on Mainet

Mainet has a sponsorship program (affiliation). But it is totally optional and intended to reward those who participate in the promotion of the company.

Affiliation on Mainet : here unlike traditional companies that do advertising, marketing, TV or radio, Mainet chooses to allow people like you and me to highlight the company and to be paid simply up to advertising spots.

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You can therefore share the investment with friends, your family, your business partners and you will receive commissions on what your people (referrals) will invest in the long term. First of all, know that we will be there to help you, train you and give you the necessary tools to best help your referrals in all the steps (registrations , deposits, withdrawals, etc.).

Mainet offers us a marketing plan with four different bonuses. Everything is related to sponsorship obviously that you will have access after registering and depositing as does your bank, your sports club or your insurance. These bonuses allow you to earn on your global network to know if your referrals affiliate other people and so on. So you understand the exponential power of affiliate marketing since every referral you put in your network, when its capital grows and well your network also grows.

Residual Bonus

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Mainet Residual Bonus EN

We will see the first bonus that is the most remunerative in the long term, it is the Residual Bonus. This bonus allows you to earn 30% of the winnings generated by your referrals spread over 10 levels: 6% on your 1st level (your referrals who affiliated directly through your live affiliate link), 4.5% on your 2nd and 3rd level (for example if your direct referral has affiliated another person, this person is on your 2nd level and so on), 3% on your level 4, 5 and 6 then 1.5% on your level 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Unilevel Bonus

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Mainet Unilevel Bonus EN

The second bonus is the Unilevel Bonus which is a bonus on the purchase of any license that your referrals make at any level of depth. There is on Mainet a rank shift operation according to a certain sales volume on your network on 17 ranks. Each rank has a well-defined sales volume to allow you to climb the ranks and reach a certain percentage of commission. This percentage is the value you will earn on all license purchases of your referrals in differential.

Leadership Bonus

Mainet Logo Leadership Bonus
Mainet Leadership Bonus EN

The third bonus, the Leadership Bonus allows us to receive bonuses on the network. These are bonuses offered by the company if we access certain sales volumes and criteria. On our back office, we can see the progress to the next bonus by completing three criteria :

  • Personal License that represents our personal investment.
  • Strong Group Sales which represents our strong branch namely our godson with the largest network.
  • Total Sales Group which corresponds to the entire network using only 50% maximum of the sales of our strong branch.
Dashboard Mainet evolution rank (2)

Example to unlock the premium of $ 750, you must have purchased for $ 250 license to have at least $ 15,000 or 50% in your strong branch and $ 15,000 or 50% again in the other branches of your network.

Infinity Pool Bonus

Mainet Logo Infinity Pool Bonus
Mainet Infinity Pool Bonus EN

The last bonus is the Infinity Pool Bonus. This bonus allows you to receive up to 3% of the overall turnover of the mainet company when you become an Ambassador or Royal Ambassador. To be shared between all members who are at the same rank Ambassador or Royal Ambassador.

With Mainet, you will be able as you have seen to create residual bonuses that last over time just like real estate or bonuses on the shares you do every day.

Support for affiliation on Mainet

Our team will accompany you with tutorials or training for a certain success in this company.

It is better to leave with answers than with questions so do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible via the contact form.