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Welcome to Mainet Business

Welcome, if you are here, it is because you are looking for a way to create additional income or you have heard about Mainet. You’ve come to the right place for a presentation of Mainet.

We will address all aspects of Mainet and understand the strength of the opportunity we have in investing now in this company.

There are 2 approaches: How can you start investing and improve your financial management ? But also for those who are the most motivated, how to launch your own business to generate additional income in addition to your main activity with support to become real entrepreneurs?

But before going any further, we will explain Mainet’s principle: How does this investment work? What is the basis of this society to create wealth and be able to redistribute it to investors? How much can we earn per year? And above all, who are the people behind this investment and can we trust?

The company Mainet

The company Mainet was made accessible to the public from July 2022 but the official launch was made on September 22 in Bucharest. We were personally able to be the first to launch and support the company which allows us today to share this opportunity with you with exceptional timing. Above all, it allowed us to analyze the company’s business model and see if it can last in the long term.

Ciprian Ciceu : CEO of Mainet

To properly analyze the company Mainet, it is necessary to understand and discover its CEO Ciprian CICEU. Ciprian is a successful entrepreneur who has had many different businesses in catering, real estate through clothing franchises, politics but also, what concerns us the most, in trading.

Mainet CEO
Ciprian Ciceu Succes

In 2017, he became vice-president of a Belgian company the BeTrader Academy which teaches students to trade on the market. He opens his own branch of BeTrader in Bucharest, the capital of Romania where he is from. During these years, he had a lot of success on the financial markets but he quickly wanted to automate his system to allow him, his teams and his students to be able to benefit from all the return that the Forex market offers on currencies.

BeTrader Ciprian Ciceu
Forex Market

The Forex market

The principle is quite simple, when we open a position, we bet on the rise or fall of one currency against another and when we close this position, if the market has gone in our direction, we make money.

This market is called Forex, it is the most traded market in the world with daily movements up to more than 800 million dollars. As Cyprian has understood, not everyone can afford to study trading strategies for months to be profitable on their own in the markets. So he wanted in 2020, with a whole team of traders, to develop their own trading algorithm to be a winner in the markets. So they built a trading robot using their already winning strategy in the market to apply them automatically. The idea for him is to offer a service that allows anyone to work their money. The counterpart of course is that he distributes only part of the profits generated by his company Mainet.

Mainet’s transparency

We exchanged a lot with Ciprian since we are lucky that he speaks French as he has lived a good part of his life in Belgium. During the various zoom calls we had with him, he told us about his background, his life and how he came to create this Mainet service. He has always insisted on a point that is very important to him, transparency.

We have always said it a project maybe super beautiful on paper but what it makes last in time, it is always its teams behind and there we are dealing with a real trading professional. Having asked for demonstrations of the algorithm he uses to trade on the market, we were able to connect his robot directly to one of our accounts to see this robot, this algorithm trades in real time on the markets to verify that there is a real creation of gains. Thanks to the results since 2020 of the partners (engineers, mathematicians and traders who worked with Cyprian), Mainet can now fully rely on its own wealth creation and redistribute part of it to its investors.

Mainet live results
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Live results

Mainet live results (2)

For the sake of transparency, here is a video of the results of the MAINET robot since August 2021.

We saw the structure, the CEO and checked the veracity on the real creation of gains. Now we’ll see how Mainet actually works and how it can grow our money to generate additional income. We will see how much can be generated per year thanks to their trading robot but also the opportunity to create bigger income by creating networks of investors.

The Investor Part

First, we will discover the Investor part and what we can earn by simply letting our money work on the Mainet platform.

Licenses of Mainet

Here the company takes care of making your money work at the different brokers, transitioning the funds, receiving them and redistributing a part.

In exchange, we just have to buy packs that correspond to licenses that have a lifespan of 365 days and that allow us to receive daily earnings simply directly in our account.

Mainet pdf 7 EN
Mainet pdf 5 EN

The cumulative effect thanks to compound interest

No promise of gain but a return of profits of up to 0.75% per day, 3.75% per week, 15% per month and 400% per year or a x4 on your initial investment. Thanks to the cumulative effect of gains, little by little capital grows faster and faster.

Mainet pdf 6 EN

For example, if you buy a pack at $ 1000, at the end of the year, you will theoretically have $ 4000 so x4 compared to your initial investment. You will simply have to leave the $1000 invested to the company and you get back your $4000 that you can withdraw or reinvest. If we take the example of 15% monthly, if we add each month thanks to the cumulative effect, it is 430% per year so obviously capped at 400% to respect the initial x4. Packs have set prices ranging from $25 to $50k. You can buy one or more packs infinitely, there is no maximum license to buy and if you are an investor with more than $ 100k of capital, other solutions exist for you that offer the company Mainet.

Here’s the investor part: how to make your money work up to 15% monthly.

So imagine on a capital for example of $ 1000, if you let this money work two or three years, I let you imagine if you reinvest each time your x4 on the following year what it can give, there can be big additional income. But this is not the only solution to make money thanks to Mainet as explained above.

The Ambassador part

In a second step, we now move on to the Ambassador part : here unlike traditional companies that do advertising, marketing, TV or radio, Mainet chooses to allow people like you and me to highlight society and simply be paid up to advertising spots.

You can therefore share the investment with friends, your family, your business partners and you will receive commissions on what your people (referrals) will invest in the long term. First of all, know that we will be there to help you, train you and give you the necessary tools to best help your referrals in all the steps (registrations , deposits, withdrawals, etc.).

Mainet offers us a marketing plan with four different bonuses. Everything is related to sponsorship obviously that you will have access after registering and depositing as does your bank, your sports club or your insurance. These bonuses allow you to earn on your global network to know if your referrals affiliate other people and so on. So you understand the exponential power of affiliate marketing since every referral you put in your network, when its capital grows and well your network also grows.

Residual Bonus

Bonus Residuel
Mainet pdf 9 EN

We will see the first bonus that is the most remunerative in the long term, it is the Residual Bonus. This bonus allows you to earn 30% of the winnings generated by your referrals spread over 10 levels: 6% on your 1st level (your referrals who affiliated directly through your live affiliate link), 4.5% on your 2nd and 3rd level (for example if your direct referral has affiliated another person, this person is on your 2nd level and so on), 3% on your level 4, 5 and 6 then 1.5% on your level 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Unilevel Bonus

Unilevel bonus
Mainet pdf 10 EN

The second bonus is the Unilevel Bonus which is a bonus on the purchase of any license that your referrals make at any level of depth. There is on Mainet a rank shift operation according to a certain sales volume on your network on 17 ranks. Each rank has a well-defined sales volume to allow you to climb the ranks and reach a certain percentage of commission. This percentage is the value you will earn on all license purchases of your referrals in differential.

Leadership Bonus

Leadership Bonus
Mainet pdf 10 EN

The third bonus, the Leadership Bonus allows us to receive bonuses on the network. These are bonuses offered by the company if we access certain sales volumes and criteria. On our back office, we can see the progress to the next bonus by completing three criteria :

  • Personal License that represents our personal investment.
  • Strong Group Sales which represents our strong branch namely our godson with the largest network.
  • Total Sales Group which corresponds to the entire network using only 50% maximum of the sales of our strong branch.
Dashboard Mainet evolution rank (2)

Example to unlock the premium of $ 750, you must have purchased for $ 250 license to have at least $ 15,000 or 50% in your strong branch and $ 15,000 or 50% again in the other branches of your network.

Infinity Pool Bonus

Infinity Pool Bonus
Mainet pdf 11 EN

The last bonus is the Infinity Pool Bonus. This bonus allows you to receive up to 3% of the overall turnover of the mainet company when you become an Ambassador or Royal Ambassador. To be shared between all members who are at the same rank Ambassador or Royal Ambassador.

With Mainet, you will be able as you have seen to create residual bonuses that last over time just like real estate or bonuses on the shares you do every day.

Accompaniment for Mainet

Our team will accompany you for presentations or training with all the tools for a certain success in this company.

At the end of this presentation, you should know that there are 4 types of people:

  • Which says, “I’m not interested. Investing is cool, making more money is cool but it’s not for me.” Okay but I think that if you have come this far in the presentation, it is because there is a real desire behind it.
  • Then there are those who say, “I’m interested but I have a lot of questions.” I invite you to raise your questions via the contact form.
  • Then those who know: “Yes, investing is simple and I want to discover this universe.” Well, that’s perfect. See below.
  • And finally those: “I want to share this investment around me and help as many people as possible to have more in their lives.”

No matter what category you are in, it is better to leave with answers than with questions so do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible via the contact form.

For those who wish to start as an Investor or Ambassador of the Mainet company, the registration link, the tutorial and the results are just below. Thank you all for reading this Mainet case presentation.