RAIDEM at a glance

RAIDEM : Profits trading on the Forex market

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What is RAIDEM at a glance ?

RAIDEM, a Micro Scalping Trading Robot created by 3 French :

  • Maxime KONKINE – Founder of the project
  • Anthony DEBIT – CEO of the project
  • Guillaume DUPORTAL – Project Trader

Here we are on a strategy that has made it possible to set up an investment solution that is sustainable and which aims to make 6% to 14% of profits per month.

A technology company that develops state-of-the-art algorithms for automated trading in the Forex, Metals and Crypto market.

An Automated Micro Scalping Trading System, monitored by a professional trader located in the Top 3 of MQL5.

A partnership with a trusted broker. Other partnerships are being negotiated with the aim of giving users the choice without them having an imposed broker.

Framed agreements with different liquidity providers in order to meet the necessary conditions for this type of trading and make it a sustainable solution.

A real company, registered in Spain :

Tripartite agreements between independent companies. Indeed, technology entities (the robot), fund management (the broker) and liquidity management in the market (liquidity providers) are structures specialized in their field and do not collude with each other.

Investment profit on real trading 5/7, gains, constant automatic returns in compound interest, to build wealth over the medium and long term.

Invested funds that can be withdrawn at any time !

An average daily drawdown of 1 % with a maximum allowed of 5% via a Hard Stop (cutting positions if losses greater than 5%).

An Ultra Professional Micro Scalping system allowing all parties to make profits (Broker, Liquidity Providers, Clients & Technology Creators)

The 2 Raidem strategies and licenses

Licences Raidem EN (2)


An affordable license to pay once and a monthly performance fee of 30%.

Depending on the funds you wish to invest, you will have to pay for a license:

  • Advanced : $100, for capital ranging from $500 to $5,000
  • Pro : $250, for capital ranging from $500 to $50,000
  • VIP : $1,500, for capital ranging from $500 to $300,000
  • Master : $7,500, for capital over $300,000
  • Business : Contact us, contact form.
Raidem X Licenses


⚠️ The product RAIDEM X is a exclusivity, send me a message via the contact form to get a special code. ⚠️

These new licenses give access to the same robot as RAIDEM BOT.
The price of the license is a little higher BUT the big added value is that the performance fees are halved (15% monthly performance fee instead of 30%).

This product is aimed at all those who are conquered by RAIDEM and who have a long-term vision on this project because it takes about 2 to 4 months to amortize the price delta between the RAIDEM X license and RAIDEM BOT.

Depending on the funds you wish to invest, you will have to pay for a license:

  • Advanced X : $350, for capital ranging from $500 to $5,000
  • Pro X : $1,300, for capital ranging from $500 to $30,000
  • VIP X : $5,000 for capital ranging from $500 to $80,000
  • Master X : $9,000, for capital ranging from $500 to $500,000
  • Unlimited X : $60,000, for capital over $500,000
  • Business : Contact us, contact form.

The company’s Myfxbooks

Raidem Bot :

Myfxbook Raidem
Myfxbook Raidem Mensuels
Myfxbook Raidem Drawdown

Drawdown < 5%

Raidem X :

Myfxbook Raidem X
Myfxbook Raidem X Mensuels


👉 How long has the company existed

The public launch took place on 01/06/22

👉 How much capital can I start

The $100 “Advanced” license allows you to start with $500 of capital so $600.

👉 Are our funds blocked

No, you can withdraw at any time.

👉 How much monthly return can I expect

The team by caution announces between 6% and 14% but on the Myfxbook, we can see that it is sometimes more 😉

👉 Can we deposit our funds in USDT TRC20 (TRON TRX)

Yes of course, as well as other cryptos and other means of payment.

👉 What are the withdrawal

Crypto and transfer for the broker Eliom.

👉 Are there any withdrawal

On Eliom: just the costs of the blockchain concerned.

👉 Is there a filing

No deposit fees.

👉 How many trades per day

It is very variable, no precise figure can be given, but it is in the dozens.

👉 On which pairs the robot

On the 28 major pairs and the Gold

👉 Can we take advantage of compound

Of course and they are 100% automatic!

👉 Why such weak results in August 2022

Simply because this strategy trades micro movements and without volume, there is much less. Indeed in August the majority of the major players in the market take a break (just like at the end of the year).

👉 Why Raidem doesn’t

Trades are taken only if the market allows it, it can pass several days without there being any trades.

👉 Can I run the 2 strategies in parallel

Technically yes, but would be useless because they are the same strategy, only the price of licenses and performance fees change so it is not wise to leave on RAIDEM BOT if you have paid the RAIDEM X license.

👉 Is license upgrade possible

No, you have to pay for the license in full.

👉 Will we be able to switch to the higher licenses of RAIDEM X after December 31, 2022

Yes, license evolutions will be possible but it will no longer be possible to switch from RAIDEM TO RAIDEM X.

It is better to leave with answers than with questions so do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible via the contact form.