Silver Mirror Tutorial

STEP 1 (Silver Mirror Tutorial) on INFINITY FUTURES

To get started with the Silver Mirror tutorial, first of all :

Check that your Sponsor’s IB number is:


Otherwise click on my link, to follow your registration to help you if necessary.

Then enter your personal information :

  • Your Futures Pack: SILVER MIRROR PACK
  • Your Sponsor ID: 1037543.
  • Your Email : your email.
  • Password : Your password.

Check the boxes.

Click Continue.

Tutoriel Silver Mirror Etape 1a(3)

Here is the list of available packages.

Currently only the Silver Mirror pack (automated copy trading via API key on Binance) seems relevant but you can later change your subscription if necessary.

Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 1b

Fill in your information :

Important : you will receive a code via SMS so fill in your phone.


Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 1c

Then activate your account by paying your subscription by credit card (possible cb crypto).

Click Subscribe.

Tutorial Silver Mirror Step 1d

STEP 2 (Silver Mirror Tutorial) on your EMAIL

Validation of your account creation

You will then receive an email from Futures Infinity containing your invoice and payment receipt.

STEP 3 (Silver Mirror Tutorial) on BINANCE

Create a cryptocurrency account on Binance

✅ If you do not have a cryptocurrency account, I advise you, right now, to create one on Binance. You’ll need it in the next steps.

STEP 4 (Silver Mirror Tutorial) on BINANCE

Create an API key

Log in to Binance.

Select API Management from your profile.

Give your API key a name (for example, Silver Mirror).

Validate by clicking on API created.

A security check will be performed.

Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 4b

Change the created API key

In API List, click Change restrictions of your Silver Mirror API key.

Tutorial Silver Mirror Step 4c

Copy and save:

  • TheAPI Key
  • The Secret Key (be careful to do it the first time, then it will be hidden and you will have to create a new API key to be able to retrieve the Secret Key).

Check Enable spot and margin trading to allow Silver Mirror to trade on your account.

Validate by clicking on to protect.

Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 4d(2)

Buy cryptocurrencies: BTC and ETH

To activate the desired strategies, you need to buy BTC and/or ETH cryptocurrencies on your Binance spot account.

BTC or ETH strategies will use these cryptos to make trades. It is therefore necessary to make available on the spot account BTC and / or ETH depending on the copied strategies (USDT or any other cryptos are not used for the moment).

There is no minimum but to make the subscription fee profitable, it takes between $ 500 and $ 1000 for a starting base.

Attention: in case of manual change of your ETH or BTC balance, check in Settings -> BTC/ETC CONTROLLER, that your Capital available on the PLC is updated.

If not, turn off and reactivate the CONTROLLER with the Enable Cumulative Effect and Activate PLC buttons.

STEP 5 (Silver Mirror Tutorial) on INFINITY FUTURES

Set up your Futures accounts to track policies:

On the Futures Infinity homepage, click Access.

You will be taken to the Futures Infinity CONTROLLER page.

Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 5a(2)

Log in with your Infinity Futures credentials.

Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 5b

Click the Settings tab.

Enter your Binance API key and secret key.

Validate by clicking on Configure PLCs.

Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 5c

In the getting started videos (on the Futures home), there is information to help you set up your committed capital, here is a configuration:

  • Set to 100% the capital to be committed to the max by the automaton.
  • Enable “Cumulative Effect” and “Activate PLC” at the bottom.

The operation is to be done for BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Etherium) if you want to use the 2 strategies.

NB: The available capital must update with your BTC and/or ETH balance and not remain at zero.

Tutorial Silver Mirror Step 5d
Silver Mirror Tutorial Step 5th

Click the Policy List tab.

Click on the symbol BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Etherum) depending on the strategy to follow.

It is possible to track both at the same time. You just have to fund your account with the expected cryptos (BTC or ETH).

Tutorial Silver Mirror Step 5f

Click Copy.

Then validate.

Tutorial Silver Mirror Step 5g
Tutorial Silver Mirror Step 5h