Tips and asctuces

Here are some tips and tricks for Binance:

How to instantly turn your EUR into USDT or BUSD on Binance ?

By default, Binance does not offer you the pair EUR_USDT in the trade zone. But be aware that the URL exists and that conversion is possible.

For the EUR_USDT pair:

For the EUR_BUSD pair:

We will now sell its euros for USDT by placing an order to the market (Market).

Select Market.

Above the Sell EURbutton, you have a Range to move. By moving it to the right, you indicate the number of euros you want to sell based on your total stock.

Click the Sell EUR button. An order will be given and you will then get USDT.

Return to Wallet > Spot Wallet. In your Crypto balance, look for the USDTline, you should have the number of USDT requested.

Binance order market

How to buy/sell Cryptos on a limit order with Binance?

On Binance, it is possible to buy a Cryptocurrency at a desired amount, but it must arrive at the price you mentioned and there is enough exchange volume to make that purchase.

Let’s take an example from this url:

We will now buy THETA with USDT at a desired price.

Select Limit.

In Price,indicate the amount in USDT that you are willing to buy to get 1 THETA. Here the price is 0.6029. If you want it cheaper, for example, indicate 0.5.

With the slider, indicate under the Amount field the number of THETA you want to obtain according to your USDT reserve. In this example, my reserve is 0.5076 USDT.

The Total field shows how much USDT you will spend.

Click Buy THETA.

crypto order purchase limit

Once you have validated, a purchase order will then be made over an indeterminate period until the purchase parameters are adequate. You can cancel your order at any time:

⚠️ Your Limit order has not passed?

This may be due to too long a decision time. Refresh the page, and put less than 95% at the cursor level.