Multi-account training on Mainet

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What is Multi-account on Mainet ?

It involves placing several accounts below each other to multiply commissions and earnings for the same job.

This requires:

  • different e-mail addresses.
  • different Usernames.
  • an understanding of the compensation plan.

Example: MainetA, MainetB and MainetC

Why Multi-account on Mainet ?

This will optimize your commissions on your own investments and on the investments of your partners.

This necessarily includes the optimization of the Compensation Plan:

  • You will receive multiple Leadership Bonuses rather than just one.
  • You will increase the number of your accounts that benefit from the Residual Bonus.
  • You will receive your own Unilevel Bonus on licenses purchased by your own accounts.

Who is concerned by the Multi-account on Mainet ?

Only the following people will be affected by the multi-account:

  • People who can sponsor on several accounts to balance the branches (Strong recruitment capacity).


  • People with large funds and wishing to optimize the slightest gains (Strong investment capacity).

If I am not concerned?

Keep a single license, it’s easier to manage, and you will only have to follow the 400% training on Mainet to postpone the optimization of your license.

➡️➡️➡️ 400% training

The solution : The Golden Triangle

You will use 3 accounts:

  • A first account named here A
  • Two other accounts sponsored by the first, named here B and C
Mainet Multi-Account Training Golden Triangle

Are you only an Investor ?

Investor :

You will deposit your funds into account A and then gradually into accounts B and C.

Winnings on:

  • The passage of ranks in order to earn a larger Unilevel Bonus thanks to your new ranks on account A.
  • Leadership Bonus bonuses achieved.
  • The Residual Bonus on your own funds B and C that will be earned on account A daily

Are you also a Networker ?


You will refer your partners only on your B and C accounts, taking care not to do x4 on these two accounts as well as account A.

Winnings on:

  • The Leadership Bonus bonuses on your B and C licenses and the balance of the two teams will also allow account A to cash them out.
  • The Residual Bonus on 3 accounts (A and B/C) rather than just one.

Examples of earnings optimization

Here are the 2 examples to maximize your earnings on Mainet: Investor with sufficient funds to create 2 fairly high branches and all those who sponsor “Networker” (small or large).

Investor Example

Amount to invest : $5000

Without the Golden Triangle:

No referral bonus (Unilevel, Leadership Bonus or Residual Bonus)

With the Golden Triangle:

  • $1000 on license A
  • $2000 on each of the B and C licenses

Winnings :

  • Unilevel : 4% on the first $2000 = $80, Pearl Rank Reached, 8%
    on the next $2000 = $160. Total = $240
  • Leadership Bonus : Sapphire Rank Reached, Total = $150
  • Residual Bonus on the first month : 6% of $ 4000 which generate 15% = $36

TOTAL = 240 + 150 + 36 = $426

Networker example

Network amount : $15000 (in the case of a perfect balance and counting only the Leadership Bonus)

Without the Golden Triangle:

  • $7500 on the strong team
  • $7500 on other teams

Winnings :

  • Leadership Bonus : Emerald Rank Achieved, Total = $750

TOTAL = $750

With the Golden Triangle:

  • $7500 on team B.
  • $7500 on Team C.
  • Team B has $3750 in the strong team and $3750 in the other teams.
  • Team C has $3750 in the strong team and $3750 in the other teams.

Winnings :

  • Leadership Bonus Account A : Emerald Rank Achieved, Total = $750
  • Leadership Bonus account B : Ruby rank reached, Total = $375
  • Leadership Bonus account C : Ruby rank reached, Total = $375

TOTAL = 750 + 375 + 375 = $1500 or x2 compared to “Without the Golden Triangle”.