Mainet Tutorial

STEP 1 (Mainet Tutorial) on MAINET BUSINESS

To get started with the Mainet tutorial, first of all:

Register on the Mainet Business website

Fill in all the required fields.

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Country

And open your account by validating on Register.

Tutorial Mainet step 1a

You will receive an email to validate your email address.

Click Confirm my email received in the email and then log in to your Mainet account.

Tutorial Mainet step 1c

STEP 2 (Mainet Tutorial) on MAINET BUSINESS

Make a deposit on Mainet according to the desired license.

Log in to your Mainet account.

Tutorial Mainet step 2a

In the tab Licence then Purchase License, look at the different possible licenses.

Licenses correspond to the investment in the project.

Tutorial Mainet step 2b(3)

In the tab Financial then Deposit, enter the amount taking into account the upcoming fees:

  • $10 fee for License activation
  • $2 for a deposit

Then validate by clicking on Deposit.

Tutorial Mainet step 2c(2)

Example made with $100 :

A summary appears with the fees.

If an error is present, click Close to go back.

Otherwise Confirm to validate.

Tutorial Mainet step 2d

Then an invoice with QR code and the recipient’s address to pay a USDT on the TRON network to be paid with your exchanger (Binance for example)

Leave me a message if you want us to do it together.

The deposit will appear in Deposit Wallet on your Dashboard.

Tutorial Mainet step 2nd

✅ If you do not have a cryptocurrency account, I advise you, right now, to create one on Binance (10% less fees with this link). You’ll need it in the next steps.

STEP 3 (Mainet Tutorial) on MAINET BUSINESS

Purchase the license with the deposited capital.

In the tab Licence then Purchase License, look at the different licenses possible.

Choose the desired license based on the deposit made in the previous step by clicking on Buy License.

Tutorial Mainet step 2b(3)

A page will appear to check the choice with the fees generated (+ $ 10 for the activation of the license).

Validate by clicking on Confirm.

Tutorial Mainet step 3b

The evolution of your Dashboard before and after the purchase of your license.

The status of your software will change to the ON state and your referral link will appear.

Don’t forget: Every Sunday until 11pm, activate your trading robot and receive your winnings until next Friday.

Before purchasing the license

Tutorial Mainet step 3c

After purchasing the license.

Tutorial Mainet step 3d

STEP 4 (Mainet Tutorial) on MAINET BUSINESS

Activate your Google Authenticator (2FA)

On the Mainet dashboard, click on your nickname and click on Profile.

Tutorial Mainet step 4a

Click Activate Google-2FA for my account.

Tutorial Mainet step 4b

Scan the QR code with your phone’s app.

Then enter the control code given by the application.

Then validate by clicking on Acivate 2FA on my account.

Tutorial Mainet step 4c

This message appears once the operation is successfully completed.

Tutorial Mainet step 4d

STEP 5 (Mainet Tutorial) on MAINET BUSINESS

Reminder about activating your license

On weekends, Mainet licenses are deactivated.

Every Sunday, on the MAINET back office, you must activate your license to receive your winnings until next Friday.

To do this, go to your backoffice on Sunday and click on the Switch ON before 11pm.

Activation Sunday mainet